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Oct 11, 2023 | Personal

I am embarking on a new and exciting project “Women of Earlswood”. Earlswood is a suburb of Redhill , Surrey and a place I call home. This project has evolved from a single photoshoot into a vision of photographing the area’s amazingly diverse selection of women small business owners and entrepreneurs. I’m delighted to announce a monthly opportunity for a complimentary photoshoot, aimed a capturing the authentic essence of individuals in the community. If you or someone you know fits the bill reach out and share this blog!

Renee Canter – The Girl Who Gardens

Hi and welcome back!

Renée is a garden designer and coach helping families in and around Reigate and Redhill, Surrey to make the most of their gardens.

Being a creative problem-solver at heart and knowing that being outside does us all the world of good, Renée advises homeowners how to make their outdoor space into the garden of their dreams. This might be by tweaking the layout, choosing the right plants, finding a place to hide the trampoline or bins or learning how to prune Roses.

Renée’s combination of a practical approach, gardening know-how and experience of family life make her well-placed to advise, teach and encourage others to enjoy their gardens. www.thegirlwhogardens.co.uk/

Renee very kindly allowed me to capture her amidst the stunning landscapes of Redhill Common, reflecting her deep connection with nature. We met during golden hour, my preferred time for its soft, warm glow. Eager to incorporate creative ideas, I suggested capturing her amidst the ferns which she was game! If you’re a businesswoman from Earlswood interested in participating in my “Women of Earlswood” project for December, feel free to email me to secure a spot in 2024.

For more info on how we can work together click on here www.abigailevansphotography.co.uk/redhill-business-brand-photography/

Redhill common business woman photography shoot

Here’s a glimpse of the first session featuring the wonderful Rachel Wood from Eco Earlswood. https://www.instagram.com/ecoearlswood/

Rachel – Eco Earlswood

Eco Earlswood is a community pop up events business which promotes sustainability by doing things together as a collective. Founder and local resident, Rachel Wood believes that being  a zero waste, vegan, tree hugger by yourself at home is a drop in the ocean. But by coming together and doing things together as a community, we have the power to change our world. You will find her at the Earlswood Farmers Market on the last Sunday of the month.

Eco Earlswood also campaigns for change where we live. Rachel runs the Earlswood & Redhill Kidical Mass cycle ride and has recently petitioned the council over the decision to close the toilets in Memorial Park. 

“Show Up For Local” and Rachel channels this mantra on social media by teaching us about positive actions we can take to make a difference to where we live.

For more information about my work click here https://abigailevansphotography.co.uk/redhill-business-brand-photography/

Eco Earlswood - Rachel woods business owner
business woman from Earlswood, surrey. At Earlswood train station.


  1. Jennifer Lane

    Very interesting Abigail. Fantastic photography!

  2. Emma Donoghue

    This is brilliant!! Love it!


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